Get a New Look!

A new coat of paint can spruce up the appearance of your home or commercial property considerably. Clean colors and a fresh view can give your business a competitive edge. Whether you need a home, store, building, or even a stadium painted, People’s Choice has you covered.

While many painters use low quality materials and number of coats of paint, we only use the highest quality paints and equipment for our service. We also always start with an exceptional primer in one coat, and will determine how many topcoats you may need. Based on your specific needs and budget, we use several types of primers and topcoats, such as latex, oil based, epoxy, and elastomeric.

Our painters are skilled, detail oriented, and neat ensuring a first class finish every time. With experience in painting steel, aluminum, galvanized metal, concrete, wood, and many other surface materials, People’s Choice can get any home or business painting job done right.


People’s Choice is properly insured and licensed for all types of work we do.

Many other companies claim to be “insured” and “licensed” but are actually not protected for the type of work we do on rooftops, heavy equipment, and so on. Don’t be fooled! We have an Aerial Work Platform Safety Certificate, a MOT Work Zone Intermediate Traffic Control Certificate, a Painting Certificate of Competency, and everything else we need to provide our services safely and legally. People’s Choice is your best option for clean, reliable painting of your home or business.

Our commercial and home painting experience:

Our experience includes painting ground and vertical surfaces using a lift.  Some locations have included office warehouses, office buildings, shopping centers, residential houses and condos.  Our workers have experience with painting various metal fabrications of steel, aluminum and galvanized metals.  We have used several types of primers and topcoats including latex, oil-based, epoxy and elastomeric.

We carry our MOT Work Zone Intermediate Traffic Control Certificate and Certificate of Completion of Aerial Work Platform Safety Course.

Regardless of your painting needs, People’s Choice gets it done right!

Interior – paint molding, walls, ceiling, trim and woodwork. Preparation: we tape, remove or cover items that may get over spray or any drippings.  We scrape and sand any old paint as needed.  Caulk windows and patch any small holes and cracks. Consider “low” or “no VOC” paints for interior painting, especially if someone living in your home has asthma, is prone to headaches or has a sensitive respiratory system.

Exterior – walls, windows, railings, trim, doors, light posts and seal your pavers.   Preparation: after high pressure cleaning is completed, we scrape loose paint, caulk windows and patch any small holes and cracks.