Hi-Tech Soft Wash: The Future of Roof Cleaning is Here!

The roof cleaning experts at People’s Choice Pressure Cleaning have been working on an all-new, hi-tech solution to cleaning roofs and keeping them that way.


Using a proprietary blend of cleaners, we can ensure that your roof stays looking amazing year-round. Perfectly safe for your roof and your family, the future of clean is today!


If your roof is looking shabby, dirty, and caked with fungus, mold and moss, our state-of-the-art system actually resists mold and fungus, which protects your family and your home. Our maintenance process ensures that your roof stays looking perfect year-round, and your home and your family are protected.

Perfect for Homeowner Associations (HOAs)

Many Homeowner Associations require that your roof be maintained and looking great all the time. Our technique helps ensure that you will not get any of those nasty letters in the mail!


People’s Choice is properly insured and licensed for all types of work we do.

Many other companies claim to be “insured” and “licensed” but are actually not protected for the type of work we do on rooftops, heavy equipment, and so on. Don’t be fooled! We have an Aerial Work Platform Safety Certificate, a MOT Work Zone Intermediate Traffic Control Certificate, a Painting Certificate of Competency, and everything else we need to provide our services safely and legally. People’s Choice is your best option for clean, reliable painting of your home or business.