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Most people would be surprised by how much a good pressure cleaning can increase the value and appearance of your home. Your home’s walls, roof, porch, and driveway can all look new again. Our system not only cleans, but protects as well, ensuring that your surfaces last longer and need to be repaired or replaced less frequently.

Our high tech pressure cleaning system utilizes cutting edge equipment to scour away grease, oil, and dirt. We use the proper combination of hot and cold for your surfaces and can include chemicals which will protect them. Our cleaning process eliminates algae, lichen, mold, and other hard to remove organisms to maintain and preserve your surface for longer.

Our process also reduces the slickness of surfaces, which decreases the chance of slips and falls for floors, sidewalks, and roofs.

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Many companies claim to be fully licensed and insured, but at People’s Choice Pressure Cleaning & Painting we actually are. This means we can legally have workers on roofs, ladders and high reach lifts. We are covered by Workman’s Compensation for Roofs under code 5551, not just for ground work. This worker’s comp code is designed to protect high-risk workers, such as those working on your roof, so if they are injured they are covered by their worker’s compensation insurance and you are not held responsible. Make sure you ask other companies if they are covered by this code for Roof work. This insurance and license protects you and your business or home should something bad happen.

Our Pressures Cleaning System includes the following features:

Examples of Residential Surfaces we can clean:

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